People Who Inspire Me

Kath Murdoch

I have been lucky enough to work with Kath over my many years as an international teacher. The first time I took part in professional development with Kath, I remember walking away inspired and passionate about inquiry. She continues to seek new ideas and ways of thinking, challenging us all to look deeper.

Anne vanDam

What Anne has done for early childhood within the PYP can not be underestimated; her knowledge is invaluable, and her drive to put play first is something I aim emulate. The work Anne has done with the PYP in an early years setting has given a stronger voice to all of us in EY who are passionate about play.

Nathan Wallis

The first time I heard Nathan speak, I didn’t know who he was(my cousin had suggested I join her for his talk). I came away from his talk about brain development blown away, so much, so I immediately signed up for another talk the very next day. What makes Nathan’s work unique to me is the value he places on early childhood education.

Thomas Hobson

Thomas Hobson is known as Teacher Tom, and his blog documents his days at an early childhood centre in Seattle. Teacher Tom is a play purist(this is who I got the term from) and advocates for children’s right to play without interruption. He also explores how children interact with each other, giving them a voice. Many times I have read his blog I have found myself nodding in agreement, he puts into words what we are all thinking.

Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson needs no introduction, the work that he has done advocating for a change in how we educate our children is known around the world. As a child, school was not easy for me, and teachers repeatedly told me that I wouldn’t be successful. These experiences have informed my belief that like Ken, we need to change the way we educate so that all students are successful.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray is an American psychology researcher and scholar. His work looks at the role-play plays in how children develop and learn. The first time I heard Peter talk(via YouTube) my heart sang, as early childhood teacher we have always known about the value of play, but have solid research to back you always helps.